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The latest Fulcrum news, videos, press releases and company info.

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#1 - Introduction and Overview to Fulcrum and TQ

David Gunness and Rich Frembes provide an introduction to Fulcrum Acoustic's design philosophy and describe the role of Temporal Equalization (TQ) in Fulcrum Acoustic products. 

#2 - Temporal Equalization (TQ) - An Overview

David Gunness describes how Temporal Equalization (TQ) is used to improve the performance of various loudspeaker devices and systems.

#3 - Understanding Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Filters

Dave Gunness describes how applying IIR and FIR digital filters to signals going to the loudspeaker produces purified signal response.

#4 - Implementing TQ with 3rd Party DSP Products

Rich Frembes describes how Fulcrum Acoustic implements Temporal Equalization (TQ) on wide range of industry-standard DSP products.



Dave Gunness is interviewed by WBUR's Andrea Shea for NPR's The Record

Company News

Fulcrum Appoints AVA as Exclusive Representative for Lower Midwest

SCN Features Fulcrum Passive Cardioid Technology as "Problem-Solving Audio Innovation"

Fulcrum Appoints Quest Marketing as Exclusive Representative for Florida

SCN Interviews Dave Gunness on Fulcrum's Fully Integrated Approach to Speaker Design

Live Sound International Profiles Loudspeaker Engineer/Designer Dave Gunness

Fulcrum Expands Manufacturing Capabilities to Meet Product Demand

Fulcrum Cardioid Subwoofer Named Among 17 Powerful Audio Products of 2016

Fulcrum Forms New Chinese Distribution Agreement with  Ease Audio Group

Fulcrum Appoints New Distribution Representative for The Netherlands

Dave Gunness Selected as "Genius" Helping to Fashion Pro-Audio World

LSA Features Fulcrum CS118 Subwoofer in New Technology Spot Focus

Fulcrum Unveils New Technology in Subwoofers

CS118 Subwoofer Featured in InfoComm16 New Product Wrap-Up

LSA Features Fulcrum FLS115 in New Technology Spot Focus

Fulcrum Welcomes Nathan Butler as Director of Engineering

SubC118 Named Among Top 7 Eye-Catching Products at InfoComm

Project News

Historic Strand Theatre Upgrades with Fulcrum Acoustic Loudspeakers

FOH Profiles Stone Mountain Arts Center Installation Featuring Fulcum Loudspeakers

Fulcrum Acoustic Provides an Education in Portability at Christian College Geelong

Canada's Hershey Centre Upgrades to "Major League" Sound With Fulcrum Acoustic

Christ's Church Transforms Worship Center With Fulcrum Acoustic

Fulcrum-outfitted Fete Music Hall Named "Top Place to Catch a Show in Providence"

Christ’s Church Renovates Worship Center With Fulcrum Acoustic

Chesapeake Energy Arena Outfitted With Fulcrum Acoustic

Fulcrum Brings the Sound of Thunder to Oklahoma's Chesapeake Energy Area

Toronto's BMO Soccer Field Scores with Fulcrum Acoustic

Fulcrum Acoustic Brings Clarity to St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Academy of Music Theatre Makes New History with Fulcrum

Press Releases

Fulcrum Acoustic Spins a New Sound for the Record Archive

Fulcrum  Scores with Single-Speaker Stadium Solution

Fulcrum Announces Cardioid Subwoofer Product Line

Broyhill Civic Center Reshapes Sound with Fulcrum

Fulcrum and Polar Focus Connect to Benefit Customers

Lovers Lane Church Loves Fulcrum Acoustic

BABBA Brings the '70s Back with Fulcrum

Joan Baez Tour Engineer Chooses Fulcrum

Fulcrum Announces Innovative Leasing Plan

Fulcrum Launches FL283 Cardioid Line Array

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Fulcrum Acoustic Press Kit


Fulcrum Acoustic Brochure


A New Direction in Low Frequency Control

Think You Know Coaxial Speakers? Think Again.

Standing Behind Every Passive Cardioid Speaker We Make

Speaker Design as an Exact Science

Loudspeaker Design Figured Out

DSP Designed In From the Start

Big Sound Doesn't Mean Big Speakers

Innovation at the Speed of Sound


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